Even the Queen of England is Getting an iPad

The Queen of England is no stranger to technology. In fact, British publication The Sun quoted a royal insider as saying, “For a woman of her age she is very switched on. It was only a matter of time before she asked someone to go and get her one.”

Apparently during the time Prince Will and brother Harry spent with their grandmother during the Royal Wedding festivals, they convinced Her Majesty to buy Apple’s latest tablet. “She was particularly taken with how easy it was to use, the large screen and how light it was.”

This wouldn’t be the Queen’s first iDevice. You might recall back in 2009, U.S. President and fellow Apple fan Barrack Obama presented the Queen with an iPod Touch. This is once again testament to Apple’s ability to appeal to the masses.

The iPad 2 just launched a few weeks ago in the U.K., and has already sold roughly 20 million units. Apple’s latest tablet seems to be on a tear around the globe, as it just recently rolled through China with overwhelming success.

What could they possibly do so differently next time around to draw out these kinds of crowds again?

What do you think?