Even The President Carries an iPad

Barack Obama is helping keep the White House up to date with technology. From establishing a White House Twitter account to his public love of his BlackBerry, The President has certainly been keeping up with the times.

Now it looks like we can add Obama’s name to the list of millions that have gone out and purchased Apple’s successful tablet device. MarketWatch is reporting that at a meeting in Washington on Monday, The President confirmed he indeed owns an iPad.

Reporter Jorge Ramos asked The President at the assembly if he owned one of Apple’s hit tablet devices. Obama responded,”I do have an iPad,” and later joked that he had his own computer too.

Just in case you were wondering just how far Apple’s reach was with their innovative products, it goes all the way to Washington, D.C. There were no specifics on what The President used the iPad for, but he did mention he would tether it to his BlackBerry.

Are you surprised Obama has an iPad? What do you think he does with it? Tell us your thoughts below!