The iPad 2 Jailbreak Situation [Updated]

Yesterday we reported that an unknown hacker by the name of d0nfyxn announced via Twitter that he was almost finished with an iPad 2 jailbreak solution. This was fairly significant because well known iDevice hackers like Comex and p0sixninja have been having problems with Apple’s new tablet.

The French hacker announced yesterday that he would be releasing beta software today that could jailbreak your iPad 2. Obviously there were a lot of skeptics, calling the videos and photos that were uploaded as proof of the jailbreak, completely fake. Most people were calling his bluff that he would release anything.

Even MuscleNerd chimed in last night, saying that the only iPad 2 jailbreak available to date is the one discovered by Comex. While Comex was the first to post pictures of a jailbroken iPad 2, he has since announced that he is no longer working on the project.

Well, to everyone’s surprise, d0nfyxn actually posted a link a few minutes ago that he claims is an alpha release of his iPad 2 jailbreak software. He notes that it covers all versions of 4.3 firmware, and is only available to Windows users. Is it legit?

While we only have Mac computers here, we more than likely wouldn’t attempt to download this file anyways. The file size seems too small to be an application. Known iDevice expert, MuscleNerd, warned the Twitter world that d0nfyxn is a known fraudster and that the download could possibly contain a malicious payload.

We definitely recommend waiting on an official release to come from the Dev Team or at least somebody more reputable than an unknown Twitter user. We’ll keep you updated as this situation continues to develop.

Did anyone try downloading the mysterious jailbreak? What were the results?

UPDATE: Once again it’s MuscleNerd to the rescue. It looks like he did some investigating and just tweeted a few moments ago that the mysterious file from d0nfyxn is indeed fake. Apparently the tiny app was written to display a message box that says “Failed to connect the device, please try again.”