iPad 2 Jailbroken By Comex

Apple’s latest version of its popular tablet is a hit. Analysts are predicting Apple sold close to a million iPad 2s over launch weekend. But if you are an early adopter and want to jailbreak, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Apple’s latest iOS 4.3, which the iPad 2 shipped with, has upped the anti for hackers with new security measures. The most notable being ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization), which has slowed down jailbreakers in a 4.3 solution.

But thank goodness we have the devoted Dev-Team members and their pals. These guys always seem to do the impossible, and this time might have done it again. Long time iOS hacker, Comex, has jailbroken his iPad 2 within just a few days of its arrival.

Anyone in the jailbreak community should recognize the name, as he is the hacker behind previous jailbreak tools such as JailbreakMe and Spirit. There’s no word on when his exploit will be ready in a user-friendly package but it shouldn’t be too far off. We’ll keep you updated.

Did anyone purchase an iPad 2 early and are anxious to jailbreak it? Let us know