How the iPhone “Literally Changed My Life”

Do you remember buying your first iPhone? Installing your first app from the App Store? Jailbreaking for the first time?

Although it can been called melodrama, there comes a point where you look back and see the profound impact technology has had on your life. Besides amazing technology, Apple products have always been a source of inspiration. The iPhone has literally changed the course of people’s lives, and that’s something special…

The folks at Macgasm have linked to an article that was written by one their writers on her personal blog. Lucy talks about how “Getting an iPhone Literally Changed My Life.”

An excerpt:

“Buying an iPhone saw me board a train I’d never been a passenger on. Actually, I should say an aeroplane, as the other passengers were from all over the world. I threw myself into a whole new community of people, all sharing one common interest — the iPhone and Apple in general. I felt like I was flying in first class, discussing this marvellous, high end device with like minded people, learning new things and sharing tips and tricks. I’m not going to lie, I felt, and still feel great about the circles I talk in.

I seriously cannot imagine what I would be doing with my evenings now if I had gotten any other phone.”

This article reminded us of why we do what we do here at iDB. When Sebastien started the site in 2008, he had no clue it would reach the level of influence it now does. And as the site continues to grow, we’re reminded of how the iPhone has (corny as it sounds) really changed everything.

Think about all of the conversations you’ve had about the iPhone; or perhaps you’ve made a few friends that you wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for the iPhone’s influence.

If it wasn’t for the iPhone, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it. iDB and all of the other great Apple sites on the internet wouldn’t exist, and there wouldn’t be such a an amazing community of geeks and iPhone-lovers.

How has the iPhone changed your life?