Toys R' Us to Begin Selling the iPad 2 Next Month?

The iPad 2 has been quite the success story. The device that had to live up to the name “magical,” continues to do so with analysts predicting iPad 2 sales beyond 40 million units.

It appears like Apple is looking to meet the high expectations by making the device available almost anywhere. The iPad 2 has been sold in several retail chains so far, such as Target and Walmart. It even turned up at RadioShack late last month.

Now Apple could be looking to target a younger demographic by offering the iPad 2 at Toys R’ Us retail stores across the country. ModMyi is reporting that they received a tip a few days ago from a Toys R’ Us employee that the chain had been training its entire staff on the device.

The employee even sent the blog a picture (see below) of the iPad 2 training material as proof. The move would certainly be a logical one on Apple’s part. Toys R’ Us already sells iPod products, this would be a way for Apple to market their tablet to a different audience.

As the iPad 2 story continues, we will keep you updated on the latest place to buy the popular tablet, as we all await a jailbreak solution.

Have you snagged your iPad 2 yet?