iPad 2 Coming to Radio Shack Tomorrow?

Still looking for an iPad 2? If you weren’t one of the lucky peeps to snag one on launch day, pay attention. We have some breaking news that consumer electronics chain RadioShack may be getting a late shipment of iPad 2s in.

While Radio Shack has previously carried Apple products, it has yet to carry the iPad 2. That could all change as of tomorrow as MacRumors is reporting that one of their readers emailed them the above image.

Perhaps more important to note, is the fact that iPad 2s have been out of stock at many other retail locations since launch day. How could Apple possibly have the stock on hand to launch an additional retailer?

Your guess is as good as mine, but MacRumors is not only showing off this image, they have confirmation from multiple RadioShack locations that they indeed have iPad 2’s. Time of availability as well as stock on hand is still currently unknown.

Is anyone still looking for an iPad 2? Have you checked with your local Radio Shack? Tell us below!