App Picks of the Week: 8-Bit Pocket Camera, WiFi2HiFi, PkgBackup

Every week, we select a few apps that have caught our attention over the past week. These apps can be from the App Store, web apps or jailbreak apps.

This week, we have a photography app, music app, and a jailbreak utility app. Hope you enjoy this week’s picks!

8-Bit Pocket Camera

Remember Nintendo’s old Gameboy? In 1998, Nintendo had a camera built into their handheld sensation. In fact, the Gameboy may have been the first portable gaming device to have a built-in camera.

8-Bit Pocket Camera aims at harkening to the 8-bit days of old. The app allows you to pixelate your pics and create a virtual sticker book of your collections. It’s available for $0.99 in the App Store.


WiFi2HiFi acts as an audio streaming receiver for your computer. Through the companion client for Windows and Mac OS X, WiFi2HiFi allows you to stream audio from any program on the computer to a stereo/iPhone dock.

WiFi2HiFi is a slick app with a clean interface and simple purpose. The app is available for $3.99 in the App Store.

We’ve got two free copies of WiFi2HiFi to giveaway! The first two people to comment and say they want WiFi2HiFi get a free promo code!


If you are an experienced jailbreaker, you know how important it is to backup your Cydia packages before you restore to a new jailbreak. With the new iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak released, you need a stable backup solution for your jailbreak setup. PkgBackup is exactly the ticket.

PkgBackup is the ultimate backup solution for jailbreak packages/configurations. The app can backup your setup to a Dropbox account in the cloud, or save it as an address book contact to be synced back once you restore to the newest jailbreak.

PkgBackup isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely worth it for giving you the peace of mind that your jailbreak packages are safe. The app is available for $7.99 in Cydia.

What do you think about last week’s picks? Better yet, what cool apps did you find last week?

UPDATE: The two winners of WiFi2HiFi have already been selected. Better luck next time!