Hurry and Get Your Free iPhone Transfer Software

Mac OS X Software company Digiarty is well known for its MacX software lineup. Their software has a reputation for being extremely easy to use for the not-so-tech-savvy. Well, it appears they are trying to make that same name for themselves in the iPhone transfer app industry.

We’ve seen several iPhone transfer software titles in the last few years. i-Funbox is a popular one, so is iPhone Explorer. Heck, a lot of folks even use the SSH method to transfer files back and forth to their iPhone. What does Digiarty’s MacX iPhone Mounter have that the others don’t?

Nothing really. But I was impressed by how easy it was to use. I’ve always kind of avoided desktop iPhone transfer software and just used SSH, but this app might just hang around the MacBook for a while.

If you act now, the software is free. The company is giving the software away until April 10th, when it will go back up to its regular price of $25.99. They even have a countdown going on their website down to the second that iPhone Mounter will go back to its original costs.

I doubt I would ever pay the full price for this application, but for free it’s hard to beat. Once installed, you just open iPhone Mounter with your iPhone or iPod touch plugged into your computer via USB.

You’ll then see an easy to use toolbar on the left hand side. Instead of actual folders like ‘Root’ and ‘.lib,’ this app shows folders like Movie, Music, and Pictures. This literally makes iPhone Mounter as easy to use as iTunes.

One of the questions we get the most on iDB is “How do I get music off my iPhone onto a new laptop or netbook?” iPhone Mounter is your answer. With your iDevice plugged in, navigate to the Music folder in iPhone Mounter. You should see all of your music that you previously uploaded to your iDevice, or music you downloaded using iTunes.

Place check marks next to the songs you want to export from the device to your computer. Then (you guessed it) press Export. The software will then allow you to browse your hard drive and pick what folder you want to sync your music to.

You can also use iPhone Mounter to transfer data onto your iDevice. Move music, photos, and other content onto your iPhone just as easy as moving folders on your desktop. I particularly like the USB Storage option. This allowed me to add all kinds of content to my iPhone and use the 16 GB of disk space as a jump drive.

None of these features are ground breaking, but this is a nice piece of software. It’s available for download here for free, but only for a limited time. It’s important to note that this software is only available for Mac OS X.

Don’t get discouraged if your download looks like just a 30 day trial, just grab the serial number they have posted on their download page. This will enable the full feature set of iPhone Mounter, and will most likely disappear April 10th of this year.

What iPhone transfer software do you use? Have you tried MacX iPhone Mounter?