iPhone Alarm STILL Malfunctioning, Affecting Users After Daylight Savings Time Glitch

Is there still something wrong with your iPhone’s alarm? What about alarms you set in iCal?

Reports are still coming in that non-reoccurring alarms are malfunctioning for users suffering from the nefarious Daylight Savings Time glitch. The BBC reports that European users are still not being woken up on time by their iPhone’s alarm…

“Users found their wake-up alert coming one hour late, one hour early or not at all.

The problem, related to the clocks going forward for British Summer Time, does not appear to have affected everyone.

Apple has yet to comment on what caused it, but similar problems have previously hit iPhones in the US.”

Although symptoms of this problem still remain varied, the glitch generally seems to be effecting non-reoccurring alarms.

“According to user reports, the glitch has affected non-recurring alarms set within the iPhone’s calendar application, rather than its dedicated alarm clock.”

This bug sounds just like the problem with the iPhone’s clock on January 1st, and the “spring forward” Daylight Savings Time bug from earlier this month. Even in iOS 4.3.1, users still seem to be affected.

Alerts seem to be going off an hour late, early, or not at all for one-time alarms set in the iPhone’s calendar. If you’re suffering from this problem, the best thing to do is set a reoccurring alarm instead and hope you don’t miss work again. (Or, heaven forbid, you use a different alarm than the iPhone.)

Let us know if you’re still affected by this clock glitch. Has updating to iOS 4.3.1 fixed the problem?