‘Springboard Enhancer’ Promises Cramped iPhone Home Screens

It seems like we’ve been down this road before, doesn’t it? Springboard Enhancer is a tweak that promises springboard customization, and it generally focuses on adding 5 app icons on your springboard, in your folders, in your dock, and in your app switcher.

If you’ve been using tweaks like Five Icon Dock, Five Icon Folder, Five Icon Switcher, etc., Springboard Enhancer can outright replace all of those jailbreak tweaks, and it’s free just like the aforementioned tweaks as well.

Springboard Enhancer is all tweak, there are no app icons, and no settings section to worry about configuring; just install it and go…

That is where I feel there is a big missed opportunity, as there’s no way to customize the tweak’s settings to your liking.

There’s even a bizarre ‘TV Tube’ style sleep button feature that this tweak includes as well, but if you hate it, there’s no way to disable it outside of uninstalling the entire tweak itself. Kind of random on the part of the developer, but maybe it’s just me.

One additional nice feature of Springboard Enhancer is the ability to place your app icons anywhere you see fit. In other words they don’t auto align to the first empty space; you can place them anywhere on the grid as shown in the shot above.

Springboard Enhancer is a decent culmination of the “five icon” series of tweaks, but it would be nice if there were some user adjustable options included in the package.

That being said, it is a free tweak on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones, so if you don’t like it just uninstall it, no harm no foul.

What do you think?