Alleged iPhone 5 Cases Point to iPhone 4 Design With Larger Screen

Some new cases have surfaced on Alibaba that claim to be designed for Apple’s unreleased and unannounced iPhone 5. These iPhone 5 case listings, alongside similar designs from Hard Mac, point to an iPhone 5 design that is very similar to the iPhone 4’s.

If these cases are legitimate, the iPhone 5 will not be as significant of a redesign as speculation assumed. However, it is also noted that these cases lend credence to a slightly larger screen…

All of the externals ports and openings on these rumored iPhone 5 cases show no design change from the iPhone 4. With these case designs in mind, a larger, edge-to-edge screen could be a possibility for the iPhone 5.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that there will be a larger screen on the iPhone 5. Some recent iPhone 5 renderings also point to an edge-to-edge screen.

An edge-to-edge glass screen could help reduce the device’s thickness and weight. A larger screen could also easily allow for the more advanced multitouch gestures found in iOS 4.3.

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What do you think about a larger screen on the iPhone 5? Are you happy with the iPhone 4’s screen size?

[via 9to5 Mac]