Apple Highlights Best AirPlay Apps in App Store

One of the exciting new features in iOS 4.3 is the universal enhancement made to AirPlay. AirPlay existed in iOS 4.2, but it was limited to native iPhone apps. With Apple’s new 4.3 firmware, developers are given access to AirPlay functionality, allowing them to incorporate it into their 3rd party apps.

AirPlay is not just limited to App Store developers either; authors of web-based applications for the iPhone will now be able to stream video to the end user’s Apple TV. App makers have been pleading with Apple for access to AirPlay APIs (Application Programming Interface) since the feature was introduced in iOS 4.2. But what makes AirPlay so exciting for develepors?

Allowing 3rd party apps to stream audio and video from your iPhone opens up all kinds of possibilities. For instance, gameplay and other aspects that are interactive with your big screen, like cut scenes and replays. If your HDTV is hooked up to a surround sound system, streaming audio from an app via AirPlay would make games like Infinity Blade a blast! (Well, more than it already is.)

Apple seems to be excited about the possibilities too, as they’ve recently made a special section in the App Store featuring AirPlay-enabled apps. These apps range from Discovery Channel HD to FitnessClass. You can actually stream workout videos from the iPhone to your TV!

It’s important to note that the third party support for AirPlay is only on 4.3, which, if you are jailbroken, you most likely aren’t using. There are, however, jailbroken applications like AirVideoEnabler that will allow AirPlay streaming from virtually any app.

Has anyone tried these AirPlay apps out? What are some more possibilities for AirPlay in future apps?