Apple is Testing Gesture-Based LockScreen for iOS

Apple is reportedly testing an Android-like lockscreen for the next major version of iOS. Google’s Android OS has a gesture-based “dots” lockscreen that allows users to unlock their phone by highlighting the dots in a pre-established pattern.

Apparently, Apple is borrowing from Android’s lockscreen concept and including it in a future version of iOS. There have been complaints that the current iOS lockscreen is not secure enough, and there have been numerous ways of bypassing the iPhone’s 4-digit password…

9to5 Mac got the scoop from the “AppleConnect” application that is distributed to Apple employees,

“Apple has been working on a new gesture-based lock screen for iOS devices that works similarly to Android’s “dots” lock screen feature. The user sets up a pattern and needs to input that same pattern in, instead of a password or a four number code. Apple has already deployed this new lock screen internally for use in the employee ‘Apple Connect’ application for iOS devices.

There is no word on whether or not this new lock screen will make its way to iOS devices for users. We were told, though, that Apple will be pushing this lock screen down to some of their internal applications in the future. For example the applications retail-store employees use.”

It is unclear as to whether this new lockscreen will be an added option in iOS, or replace the current “slide to unlock” interface. Because this new lockscreen style looks almost identical to Android’s interface, 9to5 Mac speculates that it may never reach consumers.

“The lock screen looks just like Android’s lock screen, which Google probably has patents on, so this might never see the fingers of consumers.”

The AppleConnect app is an in-house app that would be restricted for the use of Apple employees. Corporate use (for heightened security) seems to be a no brainer. Unless Apple can legally introduce a gesture-based lockscreen with Google’s consent, this style of security management may never see the light of day for end users.

In the meantime, jailbreakers can try AndroidLock for a similar experience.

Would you like to use a gesture-based lockscreen by default in iOS? Are you comfortable with the current 4-digit pin?