Verizon Strikes Back at AT&T with New iPhone TV Ad

A few days ago we told you about how AT&T slapped Verizon in the face by ridiculing Big Red and the fact that the iPhone on Verizon can’t make calls while surfing the web. At the time, I predicted this was just the beginning of hostilities between the two giant.

Yesterday Verizon stroke back by launching their very first commercial for the iPhone. Simple, short, and brilliant, this TV ad makes fun of AT&T in just 6 words: “yes, I can hear you now”. Obviously this is a shot at AT&T’s poor network…

Reviews of the Verizon iPhone confirmed that call quality was indeed better on Verizon, however, data speed is still much better on AT&T. It seems that this will be the ground of marketing battles between the 2 carriers in the future.

What do you think of that?