Snagging a Verizon iPhone 4 Will Likely Be a Tough Task, So Here Are 5 Handy Tips

If you’re already a loyal Verizon customer and are interested in the iPhone 4, the good news is that Big Red has a special allotment set aside for users wishing to upgrade. For those of you interested in switching to Verizon for the iPhone, things get a tad more hairy.

Just look at the situation. The only concrete plans that Verizon has released thus far, is the fact that they are taking pre-orders for existing customers. Outside of that, information has been slow to come out about how Verizon plans to handle the demand on what is sure to be a limited supply of inventory.

Recent commentary from Verizon chief operating officer Lowell McAdam suggests that even he isn’t exactly sure how the official launch will pan out on February 10th. So if you’re a new customer wishing to snag an iPhone at launch, you probably have your work cut out for you…

“You remember last year, we ended up with a shortage of screens,” said McAdam. That sort of situation is why there’s a “hesitancy to give a strong number on supply,” he said at the company’s meeting with investors.

That doesn’t sound like a man that’s entirely confident that his company can meet customer demand. Even still, CFO Fran Shammo seems confident about the impending launch:

“We are not going to have any flaws on the execution of the iPhone launch. We’ve hired over 3,000 people currently who have been trained”

Having well trained staff is one thing, but I hope they’ve also trained them to handle the droves of angry customers who won’t be able to get their hands on an iPhone 4 due to supply issues.

Remember that even though Apple was able to sell a whopping 16.24 million iPhones, Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer stated during their quarterly earnings call that, “[Apple continues] to have a sizable backlog and [we] continue to believe we could have sold more if we could have supplied them.”

So what can you do if you’re not yet a Verizon customer but are eager to switch? Consider these 5 handy tips:

1. Keep your ear to the street

Stay tuned into the latest news, and info, especially as the date draws near.

2. Register with Verizon

Sign up on Verizon’s site to receive the latest details concerning the launch.

3. Have your iPhone emergency bag ready to go

It’s likely that each individual store will have a few extra iPhones. This happened with the AT&T launch, and this generally happens with every big consumer electronics launch. If you really want your iPhone 4, prepare to wait in line and camp out if necessary.

4. Get Buddy Buddy

That’s right, stroll down to your local Verizon store, and get to know the reps. They may be able to keep you personally informed about local stock levels, and may even call you if they have extra supply. It never hurts to have a friend on the inside.

5. Stacks on Deck

If purchasing a phone under contract turns out to be a daunting task, no doubt there will be plenty of “scalpers” waiting to make a quick buck off of you. If you don’t have a problem ponying up a few extra dollars for an off-contract iPhone, eBay and Craigslist may be a last ditch options.

Are you already a Verizon customer, or do you plan on switching for the Verizon iPhone 4? Share with us what you plan to do.