Internally Leaked Screenshots Confirming Multitouch Gestures in iOS 4.3

It looks as though the iPad won’t be the only one to get the new multitouch gestures unearthed in the iOS 4.3 beta. Boy Genius has released some iPhone screenshots that are claimed to come from internal testing at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

We recently reported on the rumor that the next major version of the iPhone would have no home button. Instead, it was supposed that iOS would use multitouch gestures (two, three, four fingers, etc.) to replace the functionality of the home button.

This new report seems to support the theory of no home button on the iPhone 5. Apparently, Apple has been testing multitouch gestures on the iPhone (there is nothing to clarify if the screenshots are associated with new hardware) internally for quite some time…

BGR says,

“The shots are interesting because it looks like Apple is testing multitouch gestures on the iPhone in addition to the iPad. While this isn’t shocking, what’s interesting is that internally, the same amount of fingers applies to gestures on both devices.

What we mean by this, is that you have to use four finger gestures on the iPhone just like the iPad — kind of difficult such a comparatively tiny screen. It might be easier with say… a multitouch gesture area below the screen, sort of where the home button is? Oh, wait.”

Looks like we’ll be seeing more multitouch interface gestures in iOS 4.3.

Engadget confirmed this report with some follow-up,

“We just received an interesting tidbit of information on the above pic (and others that BGRhas its hands on). According to sources, after the iPhone 4 barroom debacle, Apple made significant changes to how it keeps track of — and identifies to third parties — its devices. Namely, the company began adding clauses to screens on the phones which read “Confidential and Proprietary, if found, please contact…” followed by a 408 number (that’s Cupertino, of course).

This prevents any misunderstanding from parties who may come across these devices. So what does it all mean? Well, not much, save that it seems these photos we’re viewing are in fact the real deal.”

What do you think about this news?  Can you see yourself doing four-finger swipes on your little iPhone screen?