AT&T Users Have No Reason to Envy Verizon’s iPhone

After many years, months, and days of hardcore speculation, the details about America’s worst kept secret are at last out of the bag. Underwhelming as it was, today’s Verizon press event functioned like more of a low key gathering when compared to the Steve Jobs driven spectacles that Apple puts on.

The differences between the two companies press unveilings aptly foreshadowed how underwhelmed I came away feeling when the event was all said and done.

Granted, I understand that this wasn’t your typical Apple announcement and Verizon never perpetuated that it was. Still, I can’t help but feel like I got a small fry when I specifically asked for a large…

As a semi-disgruntled AT&T user, I relished the thought of another carrier swooping in and offering some stiff competition; maybe even a full on onslaught led by faster network capabilities. Instead all we were left with was the same product that we’ve been using for the last six months.

Oddly enough, Verizon’s offering is the inferior offering when it comes to network capabilities. Being that it is completely CDMA based, there will be no simultaneous data and voice usage, a fact that AT&T has already tee’d off on, and will most certainly focus on even more, now that Verizon has stepped into its territory.

On a good note, it’s likely that the subtle design changes of Verizon’s iPhone 4 will remedy the antenna issues suffered by the original iPhone 4; that should be comforting to the small percentage of you who actually suffer real world issues from the antenna.

For the rest of us, though, the Verizon iPhone is the envy of no one. It can’t do simultaneous data and voice; its hot-spot feature is cool, but there’s no word on whether it will cost extra. Basically, it’s the same old tech that we AT&T users have been enjoying for quite some time now.

All in all, there’s absolutely no reason for current iPhone users to envy Verizon’s offering. It’s the same old thing, with slightly reduced network capabilities.

What do you think?