Shots Fired: AT&T’s Larry Solomon Calls Out Verizon’s Network

Well, that didn’t take long. Business Insider is reporting that Larry Solomon — AT&T’s PR Head Honcho, and Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications — has called out Verizon’s network for its lack of speed.

Per Solomon: “The iPhone is built for speed, but that’s not what you get with a CDMA phone. I’m not sure iPhone users are ready for life in the slow lane.”

Ouch! Well, that pretty much confirms what we’ve known for some time now. AT&T is crying, and Verizon is dying… with laughter…

Biting words coming from a guy whose company has been blasted in the media countless times for the poor performance of their network. Seems like Apple’s cozying up to Verizon is quite the bitter pill to swallow.

Honestly, the best thing for AT&T to do right now is to be competitive with their prices, and continue to work on improving their network. I’d say it’s best to avoid silly verbal skirmishes like this in the media, especially when your company has a known history of network issues.

Speaking from personal experiences, Verizon’s network is much more reliable than AT&T in the majority of places I’ve traveled in the US.

Pot, meet kettle.

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