Taking Screenshots With Your iPhone

Taking a screenshot is probably one of the first “tricks” you learn as a new iPhone owner. For those of you new to the iPhone, you may still be wondering how to take a screenshot.

In this latest iPhone Basics tutorial, we show you how, and why taking screenshots with the iPhone can prove to be quite useful in your day-to-day activities…

Taking screenshots can be extremely useful for a number of reasons. Here at iDB, we take screenshots of apps we review on a daily basis.

You can also take screenshots of websites; perhaps you see a pair of shoes you like, and you want to send a picture of them to a friend. Simple, just take a screenshot, go to your Camera Roll, and send the picture via an MMS message.

That’s just one of the many ways that screenshots can be useful. Now that you know how to take a screenshot, why not share some of the ways you use them below?