‘RoundCorners’ Blesses iPhone Owners With a Well Rounded Experience

Remember the good ol’ days when half of the picture on your TV was cut off due to the rounded corners of those old TV Tube sets? I always despised that, and rejoiced when I scored my first flat-screen TV that eliminated the rounded corner problem.

If your childhood was devoid of such fond memories, fret not my dear friends! Now, with this latest jailbreak tweak entitled RoundCorners, you can live back in the 90’s as well…

Once RoundCorners is installed and you respring your iPhone, you’ll immediately notice the difference on your Home screen.

If the default rounded corners aren’t satisfactory for you, you can venture into the settings section in the Settings.app and adjust the radius for the corners.

RoundCorners is a simple tweak, but it does provide a nice visual effect for your iPhone. Combine this tweak with TV Tube Sleep, and you’d really have an interesting effect going on.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, RoundCorners can be downloaded for free via Cydia. Sound appealing to you?