‘Move LockScreen to Unlock’ Makes Unlocking Your iPhone Even Easier

As if something so mundane actually needed to be easier, but yes, strangely enough, Move LockScreen to Unlock does indeed make unlocking your iPhone easier.

It’s actually a pretty cool jailbreak tweak, because it makes unlocking your iPhone possible without even looking at the screen; though most of you can likely pull this off anyway.

This can be pretty useful if you’re half asleep, and you need to quickly unlock your iPhone for whatever reason. I know, it sounds lazy, but hear me out here…

The tweak features a setting to disable the lockscreen slider altogether, but I prefer to just keep it there for the sake of looks.

I tested this tweak out in my pocket, and it didn’t result in any unwanted unlocks, but I could see that possibly happening with some users.

Move LockScreen to Unlock is available for jailbroken iPhones for free on the Cydia store.

Does this sound like something you’d want on your iPhone?