Keep a Journal of Your Internet Life With Momento

Momento is a diary and journaling app for the iPhone. With Momento, you can write about and capture moments easily ‘on the go.’ But that’s not all, Momento does a wonderful job of collecting your internet activity and recording it on a day-by-day basis.

What makes Momento great is not only its functionality as a killer journal, but its elegant and responsive interface. Journaling and viewing past moments has never been easier on the iPhone.

Besides allowing you to enter journal entries, Momento collects feeds from your various social accounts on the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr,, Foursquare, Gowalla, Digg, Youtube, Vimeo and RSS/Atom feeds are currently supported in Momento. That means that most of your online life can be tracked and documented in a beautiful interface…

Have you ever wondered how many times you tweet in a day? Or how much internet “noise” you are actually making on a daily basis? Momento shows you.

RSS feed support is especially nice if you have your own website or content that you’d like to aggregate for easy viewing in one place. Your activity is displayed beautifully. It’s nice to be able to go back after a week of being very socially active to see what you said and did throughout the week.

Without any work on your part, Momento creates a journal/diary of your life online. All you simply have to do is add the feeds you want to use, and Momento does the rest. You just come back every now and then to see your activity.

Momento is useful for more than simply aggregating your online activity. The app is also wonderful for manually adding thoughts or capturing moments. You can manually add a “moment” whenever you see fit. Your moments can be made richer by tagging people in your address book, tagging places with the iPhone’s GPS, tagging events and tagging with photos.

There’s also a handy search option if you want to recall all of the moments related to a specific topic, place or person.

Momento has an awesome calendar view. Your standard, iCal-style calendar becomes filled with your journal entries in Momento. One thing I do wish is that the calender was a little more interactive. Instead of simple highlighting days with activity in blue, I wish there was some kind of color-coded system to see days that had more activity than others.

Besides that little qualm, Momento is about as perfect as a social-journal app can get. Don’t expect to use Momento for writing your long, deep, personal reflections on the essence of life. (Why would you do that on the iPhone anyway?) For long-form journaling, I would recommend a nice pen and paper.

Don’t feel like you can’t complain about your girlfriend in Momento either. There’s a nice password-protect feature to keep those personal entries safe.

I highly recommend Momento. Pick it up for $2.99 in the App Store.

What do you think? Does Momento sound interesting/useful to you?