New Car Stereo Fully Integrates Your iPhone

Ever since the first iPhone came out in 2007, I thought it’d be a genius idea to create a car stereo that would completely integrate the iPhone to use it as a screen but also for controls. Fast forward 3 years later and it seems someone has finally heard my prayers.

The guys at Oxygen Audio just came up with the O Car, a fully integrated head unit specifically designed and made for iPhone. Its patented technologies enable the user to control all standard car stereo functions using the iPhone touch screen, while allowing horizontal and vertical access, so that all iPhone applications may be used in the car…

Dock your iPhone on the articulated cradle and not only will it charge your iPhone, but you will also be able to use it in landscape or portrait mode and take advantage of everything your iPhone has to offer: apps, iPod, Pandora, GPS, you name it. Want to make a phone call? Sure thing, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth hands-free kit.

The O Car will officially be launched at CES 2011 and there is no price tag for it yet.

Is that something you’d consider buying for your car?

[Thank billc124Wired]