Toshiba And Apple Reach Agreement For iPhone LCD Displays – iPhone 6, Anyone?

We’ve heard the rumblings about the supply problems stemming out of Apple’s current relationship with LG, the South Korean firm that currently supplies the iPhone LCD screens.

In a move that will likely give Apple more control over supply, Toshiba has announced that it will build a factory for 100 billion yen to produce future LCD panels. That’s a lot of money, about 1.2 billion in US dollars, which will certainly put Toshiba in the drivers seat when it comes to supplying screens for the iPhone.

Production isn’t scheduled to start until Q3 2011, so it’s entirely possible that these new screens could be used for the inevitable iPhone 6…

Reports state that when the new production facility gets up to speed, it will be capable of producing around 17 million LCD screens per month! Hopefully that will help further reduce bottlenecks; that way, we don’t see a similar situation that we saw with the iPhone 4, and its numerous shipment problems.

Apple is reportedly helping with some of the price of the investment, which should be no problem for them considering their downright gaudy cash reserves on hand.

Work is due to begin during Q1 of 2011. Isn’t it nice to see Apple planning for the future?