Tip: How to Quickly Respring your iPhone

Many of us jailbreakers know how frustrating it can be to debug the modifications we make to iOS. When installing an app in Cydia, if the app requires it, Cydia gives you a prompt to restart your springboard.

There are two types of restarts you can have on your iPhone: a hardware restart and a software restart. A hardware restart takes considerably longer, and it is when you see the Apple boot logo (or your own, modded logo). A simple software restart usually does the trick for installing new packages on your iPhone, and it also helps with ironing out the bugs you may be experiencing…

Besides the prompt in Cydia, there is no real way to easily initiate a software restart on the iPhone. A hardware restart is as simple as manually powering down the iPhone and turning it back on. However, this type of a reboot takes considerably longer. And in most cases, it’s not necessary.

Luckily, there’s a little, free utility out there called “Respring.” Once you download Respring to your home screen, it acts as a quick toggle to do a software restart of your iPhone. Whenever you click the icon, a quick screen pops up saying that your springboard is being restarted. That’s all there is to it!

There is also another free, lightweight mod in Cydia called “RespringLoader.” All it does is install a respring toggle into your iPhone’s main Settings pane.

So there you have it, two of the easiest ways to do a software respring of your iPhone.

I know that there’s been plenty of times when I’ve installed something through Cydia and it has caused my iPhone to freak out. Doing a software respring of iOS is very helpful when you’re making changes and trying to troubleshoot what’s wrong with your setup.

Do you respring your iPhone often?