IncarcerApp “Locks Up” Current App, Disables Home Button

So your 10 year old nephew wants to look through your iPhone photos, but you’re afraid to hand over the phone completely, lest he starts tapping away, deleting emails, sending prank text messages, and wreaking havoc on your homescreen. It’d be nice if you could limit him to the Photos app, right? There’s a jailbreak app that’ll let you do just that!

IncarcerApp for jailbroken iPhones will allow you to “lock up” the current app, leaving it fully functional but disabling the home button. With a quick gesture chosen by you through Activator, you can hand over your iPhone with no worries of them exiting the app and playing around elsewhere on the phone.

It’s a simple but useful tweak if you have curious friends, family, or kids eager to play with an app or watch YouTube without you having to worry about sensitive data elsewhere on your phone.

Once you download the app in Cydia, you’ll find there’s some flexible options to choose from to make full use of the app…

The first option in the app, “Global” settings, allows you to enable/disable the incarcerate function for all apps. It also lets you enable/disable a status bar icon to indicate incarceration is active, but that hasn’t worked for me. (Possibly a conflict with other status bar tweaks I have).

The second option, “Overrides” settings, allows you to choose specific apps that IncarcerApp will never be enabled for. This is a good place to turn off incarceration for the Phone app, especially if you use the ringer as the Activator function.

The third option, “Control (via Activator)” is where you choose your Activator gesture. Activator is a separate jailbreak tweak that lets you choose actions for apps or the phone based on gestures you decide. (SBSettings, for example, is usually set to open with a slide across the status bar.) For IncarcerApp, I suggest the double tap of the status bar. I found the long hold of the status bar would result in wrongful incarcerations (never a good thing!) because I tapped a button at the top of the screen in an app.

Once you activate incarceration in an app, a pop-up message proclaims, “The Judge Said: This App Goes to Jail!” Kind of cheesy, but hey, it gets the message across. Use the same gesture to free up your app and a pop-up message says “App Getting out of Jail…” Sounds like “The Judge” is disappointed…

The pop-up messages take a little longer than I’d like, so I wish there was a setting to disable them entirely. Also, with full-screen games, Activator through the status bar is useless, so you can’t use IncarcerApp. Disappointing, since games are usually when you want to hand over the phone to a friend.

So those are the ins and outs of IncarcerApp, which you can download in Cydia for free. What do you think? Cool tweak or do you never share your phone anyway? Let us know in the comments below!