5 Controversial Features We Could See on the iPhone 5

Everyone has their list of must have features for the iPhone 5, but a lot of them are of the obvious variety. Things like more storage space, a better camera, and more RAM. Boring!

Apple has always been a company that pushes the envelope, so it makes sense that the iPhone 5 could be a device that Apple is willing to take a gamble on. If you don’t adapt well to change, you just might want to take a deep breath before reading this…

1. Built-in wireless syncing capabilities

This one’s really a no brainer, and is already unofficially implemented by means of the wonderful jailbreak app, Wi-Fi Sync. With a good majority of homes adopting higher speed Wireless-N routers, wireless syncing is now a viable alternative to traditional methods. If a user doesn’t already have 802.11n capabilities, Apple could always sell them an awesome, albeit overpriced, Airport Extreme. Win, win.

2. Inductive charging a la Palm Pre

Instead of those lame products that require you to put your iPhone in some hideous looking case in order to charge it on a charging pad, why not just make inductive charging a part of the iPhone 5? Palm already did it with the Pre, and Apple’s obviously not too scared to make radical design changes to their product, as evident with the iPhone 4.

3. Built in SIM Card

We just reported on this possibility last week, and it makes sense. Take the hassle out of outdated and unsecure SIM card technology, and simply make it a built in function. It’d be one less thing for consumers to worry about, and would ensure that every iPhone is the same, through and through.

4. Bluetooth headphones included

The possibility of this is music to our ears, both figuratively and literally. Apple’s not shy when it comes to their love for Bluetooth technology, as virtually all of their products have it, from the iMac, down to the iPod touch.

Why not take the next logical step? Include a relatively inexpensive pair of Bluetooth headphones with every new iPhone purchase, and lets make this great technology something that more customers are willing (note: forced) to adopt.

5. No SIM Card Slot, no 30-pin connector, and last but not least, no headphone jack

Did you start to catch my drift as the list went on? Indeed, all of the aforementioned modifications allow for some very big changes to the iPhone hardware itself, namely the removal of every port on the device. Yep, that’s right, no open interface ports whatsoever.

I think perhaps the most radical change for customers would be the lack of a headphone jack. To me, though, it only makes sense to move in this direction. Apple hates cords and cables, and so do we.

The naysayers might be loud at first, but if it works, it would just be just another history changing gamble in Apple’s portfolio. What do you think? Too big a risk, or just risky enough to be a runaway success?