Flash on the iPhone Now Possible as Apple Approves SkyFire

The wait for a stable way to get Flash on the iPhone is almost over as Apple has quietly approved SkyFire, an app that was submitted about 2 months ago. SkyFire, which will be available on Thursday in the App Store is the first app of its kind to be approved by Apple.

I don’t think I have to refresh your memory by explaining that Apple and Adobe’s Flash aren’t BFFs. Apple has made it pretty clear before they wouldn’t not allow Flash on any iOS device. SkyFire goes around these restrictions to allow Flash content to be downloaded to their servers, then “translates” and renders the video into HTML5, which is supported by all iOS devices…

SkyFire won’t work with every site though. For example, it will not be able to convert Hulu videos, or Flash games. Everything else should be a go.

The app will be available for download on Thursday morning for $2.99. How much do you value Flash content? Enough to pay that price?