Can’t Quit Apps with the Home Button? This Might Be Why.

Everything was pretty smooth for a while on my 4.1 jailbroken device, but then it happened. I tapped the Home button to quit an app and nothing happened. I double tapped it, and the switcher popped up. Another double tap and it retreated. Another single tap, but my open app stayed open.

If this happened to you, most likely the problem is with the latest version of Notified Pro.  I did some research, and uninstalled Notified Pro via Cydia. After a reboot, the problem was gone. Just in case, I re-installed it. Within half an hour, the problem was back, and I couldn’t quit apps without using the SBSettings Close Button.

I removed Notified Pro again, and problem solved. If you can’t live without Notified Pro, check this out. Hope this helps some of you out there.  Anyone else experience the same issue?