Angry Birds SMS Tones Cause Uncontrollable Urge to Smash Things

Can’t get enough Angry Birds? As if the movie, toys, and recent news regarding Rovio (or rather, non-news) weren’t enough to ruffle your happy feathers, you can also download Angry Birds SMS tones in Cydia – for free!

Search for “Angry Birds SMS” and you’ll be on your way to feeding your block-busting, bird-flying addiction. Now you don’t have to even play the game to hear the cry of the Boomerang Bird or Zooming Yellow Bird, just tell your friends to text you non-stop!

There are 6 tones in all, and they replace your stock ones in the Sounds > New Text Message menu under Settings once you have activated them in Winterboard. Choose one of the following: Bird Flying, Bird Accident, Bird Victory, Happy Pigshit, Boomerang Bird, and Special Boost.

There’s only two that are a little long for a text message tone: Bird Victory and Happy Pigshit. The rest are actually perfect length and just plain fun to have as SMS tones. I laugh everytime I get a text now, and then I proceed to find the nearest wood, stone, or ice block to smash.

Think you’ll download this, iDB readers? Which is your favorite tone? And have you completed your domination of Angry Birds yet? (I’m oh-so-close!)