Mark Read Helps Keep Your iPhone’s Inbox Looking Good

Answer me this, how many times have you risen from a night’s slumber, only to find your email inbox littered with stuff that you don’t want to deal with at the moment? Or, what about mail that you just don’t need to read at all?

In times like these, it would be nice if the iPhone featured a “Mark As” feature to quickly mark email as being read or unread. I’m sure Apple will eventually get on the ball and add this strangely absent feature, but for those who are jailbroken, the future is now…

Mark Read is a recently released tweak that can be downloaded from Cydia, and it does exactly what its name implies. Installation is a breeze, and there are no settings to contend with, it just works.

By tapping the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right-hand corner of your email inbox, you’re presented with a new button to your left entitled, ‘Mark All’. If you want, you can tap this button to quickly mark all of your email as either read or unread.

If you’re a bit more on the choosey side, simply select the emails you want to manage prior to tapping the ‘Mark All’ button. This will allow you to manage specific email messages on a per email basis. Simple, and refreshingly effective.

Although the money the developer is asking for can’t even buy you a decent hamburger at your favorite fast food joint, it still kind of stings to have to pay for functionality that should have been there all along. What’s more, is that it’s extremely likely that Apple will add this feature to one of its upcoming firmware updates, making this tweak nothing more than a forgotten redundancy.

Despite all of that, if you happen to manage a lot of e-mail on your iPhone then Mark Read is unarguably a great tool to have. What do you think?  Is better email management on the iPhone worth the extra dough?

Mark Read can be purchased via Cydia for $1.99.