Warning: Fake GreenPois0n iPhone Jailbreak Tools Hit the Web

I just read an article on the Kaspersky Blog [via Ars] about new sites popping up everywhere online and offering fake downloads of GreenPois0n containing trojans.

A quick search for “greenpois0n tool” on Google might lead you to torrents or websites that would likely put your computer at risk…

All the existing “greenpois0n” archives at the moment contain Trojans, designed to steal passwords and other private data from computer systems.

In addition to that, fake (rogue) jailbreaking websites have appeared that pretend to be selling tools that can jailbreak any version of iPhone with any version of iOS.  The average cost for these is $25 – $40.

As usual, don’t be fooled by these Trojans and keep in mind that there is currently no working jailbreaking tool for iPhone 4’s running iOS 4.0.2 / 4.1.

My advice to you is to check back here on a regular basis. We will let you know when a new jailbreak tool is out. As usual, you can always check our jailbreak section for the most up-to-date information on this topic.