Awareness iPhone App Filters Out Unwanted Noise in Your Headphones

Just for the record I have yet to publish an article for an app that has been sponsored or paid for in any way. I say that so when you see that I’m writing about an app, that I actually find it worthy or ridiculous enough to mention. This one falls under both categories.

Engadget has a little write up about a new selection in the App Store called Awareness! (punctuation theirs). Awareness sets up a noise threshold to your headphones, then disallows those noises from entering your state of consciousness. At least that’s what it says…

For $5 I think the app is a bit overpriced but I have yet to actually try it out so I can’t attest to the quality of the application. You can adjust the noise threshold allowance within the app so that’s kind of cool. You can also put the app on pause mode as well as control your music through the app.

So try it out here, diehards. Let us know if the app’s abilities are worthy of its price.