Steve Jobs Email About the White iPhone 4 Coming for Christmas Was a Fake

Last week we broke the news about an email that Steve Jobs had sent as a reply to one of our readers. The email was about the white iPhone 4 and implied it would be available by Christmas.

I had been “tipped” several times with emails from Steve Jobs but I never published them because they looked really fake. This one however seemed completely legit and I trusted our reader Nathan about the whole thing. I was wrong. Let me explain…

Last night I received an email from Nathan saying the following:

Hello Sebastian. The email I sent you from Steve jobs was fake. I am really sorry because I didn’t know it would get so big. I told my parents what I did and they said it was wrong then yesterday my dad read an article on fortune magasine website that was talking about the email and realized this article was based on what i had sent you. My parents asked me to come clean and admit everything was fake. I’m very sorry that won’t happen again.

Oh great. The one time I trust someone about these emails  and decide to publish it, it happens to be a fake.

I pondered for a while whether or not I should publish Nathan’s email admitting it was a fake. I could have let it go and we would all have forgotten about it, but I decided to be honest with you and tell you what really happen. Hopefully I made the right decision.