Create Folders Inside Folders on Your iPhone with FoldersInFolders

It was only a matter of time until such an app showed up in Cydia. Actually, I’m surprised it hadn’t been done before. FoldersInFolders is a new jailbreak app that allows you to create folders inside folders on your iPhone.

iOS came with this beautifully implemented Folders feature but unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to add folders inside other folders. This tweak will do the job for you. Video and more info below…

The app description shows extra features such as:

  • Add any number of folders inside folders
  • Create folders on the dock
  • Hide/Show Folder Labels
  • Choose folder animation methods

According to the description, FoldersInFolders works fine together with other applications. The developer plans to add more extras soon such as folder background selection, folder navigation options, etc…

FoldersInFolders is available on Cydia for $1.99. While I haven’t tried this application myself, I’d like to read what you have to say about it if you decide to download it. Let us know.