Nike Makes Its iPhone App More Accessible

Running is a lot of work. That’s why the previous version of the Nike+ iPod was a bit of a hassle since you had to have special equipment just to participate in the experience. Apparently Nike agreed.

Now in the App Store is an app called Nike+ GPS which is a stand alone version of the aforementioned application. The $2 selection which you can download here utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer and GPS capabilities (must be running iOS 3.1 or higher), which ditches the need for any additional adapters that it once required…  

For those of you who like keeping track of where you’ve sweated your guts out, you’re in luck ; Nike+ GPS allows you to track your trek on a Google Map layout. This and other trackable features can then be uploaded to an account that keeps track of your statistics.

If you’re a slacker, have no fear. You can pick a song from your iPod library that gets your juices flowing. If that isn’t enough, the app has a built in coach that comes in mid-run to offer you some pointers and encouragement (which sort of sounds annoying) but nonetheless, it’s there.

I’ll be honest in that I haven’t ran since the police chased me for toilet papering houses back in high school. How many runners do we have reading iDB? Give us your thoughts on this latest entry from Nike in the comment box below.

[Uber Gizmo]