Popup Blocker for iPhone Gives You More Control Over Your Notifications

Popup Blocker

We all know Apple Push Notification system falls a little short in with good notification management. To a point, Apple gave us the ability to control push notification popup: either on or off. Great choice, right? The popup notifications can become a nuisance when you’re in the middle of an email, for example, and a friend decides to start messaging you. For each message, you get a nice popup, usually with the text of the message, depending on the messaging application.

For those of you wanting to suppress those annoying popups, Popup Blocker is the application you’ve been itching for. Popup Blocker gives you the ability to switch on/off over 10 native alerts.

Once installed, you’ll find Popup Blocker settings in your stock Settings application where you have the option to switch on/off specific alerts. In addition to configuring which alerts are allowed, Popup Blocker also provides a nice feature to block popup alerts when locked or unlocked and whether to wake the device on alert.

Popup Blocker is available in the Cydia App store. It comes with a 14 day trial after which it’s only $0.99 USD for a license (good for up to 3 devices). If you use LockInfo, you might want to give it a try as it gives you additional control over your notifications. If you decide to try Popup Blocker, please tell us what you think.

Please note: Popup Blocker seems most useful when coupled with LockInfo notification panel. Without LockInfo, simply turn off “Alerts” for all applications to save yourself the purchase.