Attention Developers: Apple Promises to Pay You Faster & More Consistently

If you check out the Apple iPhone Dev Center you will see an encouraging vow to developers stating that they can expect to see quicker, more consistent payments in the future.

As it reads on the website there is a new payment and financial report module in place. Here is an excerpt from the site:

We’re excited to announce the new Payments and Financial Reports module in iTunes Connect. This new module provides you with details on all financial reports and payments. From a dashboard view, you can quickly obtain information including last payment, amount owed, latest monthly earnings, a rolling transaction history, unit sales, and payment trends.

In addition, we’ve also made significant updates to how your payments will be processed and how they are presented on iTunes Connect, including:

  • Reduction in the thresholds required to be paid, increasing the frequency you will receive proceeds.
  • A consolidated single monthly payment for all your proceeds worldwide, reducing bank fees and costs.
  • Clearer presentation of amounts earned, amounts owed, and a reconciliation between the reported sales and the amounts paid.

This sounds like great news for all those developers who rely on income from Apple to maintain and update their applications. Are there any developers reading that have noticed particularly slow and inconsistent payments from their App Store entries? Let us know your circumstances in the comment box below.