11 Reasons to Buy an iPhone 4

A couple days ago I wrote an article explaining why the iPhone 4 sucks. To be fair, I thought I’d write another article to give you several reasons to buy an iPhone 4.

It’s beautiful

You know it. It’s an absolutely beautiful product. It’s clean, shiny, and classy. You can’t argue about this.

It’s cool

You know it too. Owning an iPhone is the ultimate gadget. You gotta give il all away to Apple’s brilliant (evil?) marketing.


Sure the FaceTime concept is not new but it’s just plain awesome. I just did a 30 minute FaceTime conversation with my cousin in France. Seriously, have you ever done that on any other phone? No!

230,000+ apps

There are now over 230,000 apps in the App Store and thousands more are added each day. Whatever you want to do, chances are there’s an app for that.


If you can’t find an app in the App Store, you will most likely find it in Cydia, the app store for jailbreak apps. I love my iPhone and I sure love my jailbreak. Check out all these cool jailbreak apps for iPhone. At the time I am writing this there is no  jailbreak for the iPhone 4 yet but it should be released in the  next few days.

5 MP camera + LED Flash + front-facing camera

Me and many others have been talking smack about the camera of the iPhone for the last 3 years. No more complaining now with the nice 5MP camera. Coupled with the LED flash and the front-facing camera, the iPhone can now match the “basic” features that all the other smartphones already have.

HD video recording

You can now record high definition 720p videos at 30fps. Not too bad, huh?

The screen

With the iPhone 4, Apple introduced a new Retina Display screen that boasts 4 times more pixels than the previous iPhone. The result: a crystal clear screen that can perfectly render the sharpest details.

It’s fast

With the new A4 processor and twice the RAM of the iPhone 3GS, the new iPhone 4 is fast fast fast.


Along with 4 other sensors, (light, proximity, accelerometer, and compass), the gyroscope will bring the Wii experience to the iPhone. Expect some great games that will take full advantage of this new feature soon.


If you’re a new AT&T customer, the iPhone is not that expensive. Starting at $199 for the 16GB, it will go up to $299 for the 32GB version with a 2-year contract.

Can you think of any other reason to buy an iPhone 4? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment.