7 Reasons the iPhone 4 Sucks

iPhone 4 Black & White

Every time Apple comes with a new iPhone, I try to write a post about why their latest device sucks. It’s stronger than me. I like to be the devil’s advocate. Just like I wrote an article about why the iPad sucks a few months ago, I wanted to write an article about why the iPhone 4 sucks.

This time though it was slightly different because I don’t really think the iPhone 4 sux. Sure it has a few issues, but does it make it a sucky device? Absolutely not. I guess this article will cater to all the iPhone haters out there.

It has screen problems

If you’ve read just a little bit about the new iPhone 4, you probably came across articles mentioning the yellow spots on the screen. My iPhone 4 screen is completely yellowish, which is pretty annoying for a $742.69 device… Apparently, this is just a temporary issue though.

The screen breaks easily

There has been videos going around the web showing how the iPhone 4 screen, supposedly 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, can be easily scratched or even broken. So much for the NASA technology that was used to build these screens…

The battery sucks

Every year Apple claims the battery is better than the previous iPhone’s. Every year I find the same crappy battery life on my iPhone. My iPhone 4 battery sucks! It died after just about 24 hours of normal usage: no gaming, no video, just some light internet browsing and tweeting.

The antenna sucks

I haven’t had this issue but apparently the iPhone 4 antenna loses signal when then antenna band is touched. This is an isolated issue that has been reported by a few people. That’s still pretty inconvenient for a new device…

The carrier sucks

Unlike every iPhone blogger out there, I don’t have anything against AT&T. The coverage in my hometown (Encinitas, CA) is excellent, except on the beach where no carrier has coverage anyway. However, it sucks that we are locked to only one carrier in the US. I am pro-choice. I don’t care who gets the iPhone next, I just want to have the option to choose my carrier.

Apple’s multitasking sucks

Apple’s “fake multitasking” sucks for 2 reasons. For one, it’s not real multitasking because not all apps can take advantage of it. Sure you can argue that multitasking drains the battery, but that’s not the point here. Second reason why multitasking on the iPhone 4 sucks is because it quickly gets ugly in your app switching dock since Apple doesn’t kill apps until the OS deems it necessary. At any time I have between 10 and 20 apps in my app switcher, making it very busy.

Storage limitation sucks

One of the big let downs of iPhone 4 is the storage limitation. Although Apple could have put 64GB of storage in there, they claim they didn’t have the room for it. I think they just want to sell you a 64GB iPhone next year. That sucks because marketing is taking over customer needs.

Do you think the iPhone 4 sucks? Why? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.