iPhone 4 Reviews

iPhone 4 Review

Surprisingly, Apple didn’t send me an iPhone 4 to review this year. I had to wait for the one I had pre-ordered, which I just received a few minutes ago. It seems I’m not the only tech blogger not having received a review version of the iPhone 4. The big loser at this game: Gizmodo, which let me remind you, had leaked all the details of the new iPhone 4 and was thus left out of receiving an iPhone 4 to review a few days ago.

A few other tech blogs and newspapers did receive their iPhone 4 review unit, and you know what? Most of the iPhone 4 reviews are pretty positive. I guess if Apple deemed me important enough to send me a free iPhone to review days before the rest of the world can get it, I might feel compelled to giving a somewhat positive review to the device as well.

Sarcasm apart, there has been 6 official reviews of the iPhone 4 published since yesterday, and yes, they’re all pretty good. My favorite might be Engadget’s review which I think was the most comprehensive.

I won’t be doing a formal review of the iPhone 4. I will however give you my impressions in a few days, once I have played with it enough to make informed comments and remarks.

Here are 6 iPhone 4 reviews worth a look:

Don’t read these reviews if you’re still waiting for your iPhone 4. They’ll make you want it even more!