The Pros and Cons of iOS 4

Many people have been sending emails or tweets asking me whether or not they should update their iPhone to iOS 4. The short answer is there is no right answer. It all depends on your needs and the state of your iPhone (ie. is it jailbroken?).

iOS 4 will now be released in a few minutes and before hitting the “update” button in iTunes, I will try to weight the pros and the cons of updating to iOS 4.

Pros of updating to iOS 4

  • Multitasking – although not a full multitasking solution, Apple is now allowing certain apps to run in the background.
  • Wallpapers – You will now have the ability to add custom wallpapers to your springboard.
  • Folders – iOS 4 will allow you to create folders to organize your apps better
  • Improved email – iOS 4 enhances the email experience by bringing unified inbox and threaded conversations to the iPhone.

The cons of updating to iOS 4

Clearly there aren’t many cons to updating your iPhone. I heavily rely on my favorite  jailbreak apps on a daily basis for work and making the decision to update was not an easy one.

What motivated my decision is the fact that I will get my iPhone 4 in a few days and there won’t be a jailbreak for it right away, so no matter what, I will be jailbreakless. At the end of the day, only you can make this decision.

Can you think of more pros or cons to add to the list? Will you update to iOS 4?