Unlocked iPhone 4 Available for Purchase in France, UK, and Canada

iPhone 4 Black & White

Want to get your hands on an officially unlocked iPhone 4? Then it might be time for you to make a trip to Canada, the UK, or even France as these 3 countries are offering contract-free iPhones that can be used with any carrier anywhere in the world.

They are not excessively expensive either:

  • UK: 16GB for £499 and 32GB for £599
  • France: 16GB for €629 and 32GB for €739
  • Canada: 16GB $649 and 32GB for $749

If you’re desperate for an unlocked iPhone 4, and can’t wait for the Dev Team to come up with an unlock, then figure out a way to go to one of these countries or try to pre-order them online here: France, UK, Canada.