Your iPhone Needs to Grow Some Balls

Phone Balls

After starting the day with a ridiculous story, I thought I’d keep going with some just-as-ridiculous accessory for iPhone.

Let me introduce you to PhoneBalls, a stylish and classy protective case for iPhone:

Need to protect your iPhone from everyday cuts and scrapes? Have a soft spot in your heart for testicles? Just feel like your iPhone needs some balls?

Presenting phoneballs…. maybe not a revolution in protective silicone cases, but we think a pretty fun way to show your support for those little fellas that give us so much.

Whether male or female, chances are you have been touched by a pair of balls in your life…. don’t you want to touch em back?

Besides being a real gas at social gatherings, these are great silicone cases. They really fit snuggly, they “nestle to the goods”…

You can order a special set of blue balls for $15, including shipping. Best of all, 10% of all proceeds will go to testicular cancer research. This company sure has some balls!