How to Mount a USB Stick on the iPad and Access it With GoodReader

goodreader ipad usbA few weeks ago we saw how to mount an external hard drive on the iPad. Today I’ll show you how to mount a USB stick on your iPad and access its content with GoodReader for iPad, all this compliments of French iPhone.

By default, a USB stick is automatically mounted in /var/mnt/mount1, which is a hidden directory of GoodReader. With the following hack, you’ll be able to bypass this issue once and for all.

This is what you need:

  • a jailbroken iPad with SSH on
  • an iPad camera kit
  • GoodReader iPad

Step 1: Connect to your iPad via SSH.

Step 2: Execute the following command lines.

mkdir /Volumes
mkdir /Volumes/USB
cd /var
mv mnt mnt_old
ln -s /Volumes/USB mnt
cd `find / -name`/../Documents
ln -s /Volumes/USB/mount1 USB

Step 3: Plug your USB stick in the camera kit. Wait for the error message and launch GoodReader.

Now you can navigate the USB directory directly from your iPad within GoodReader. By using “Manafe Files” in GoodReader you can get the “open with” option which allows you to choose what application to use to open a file. You will for example be able to open a .doc file with Pages and edit it.

Nice hack, isn’t it?