iPhone OS 4 Jailbreak: GeoHot Reveals BlackRa1n

Just a few days after showing proofs of a jailbreak for iPad, GeoHot is back at it, this time with an iPhone OS 4 jailbreak with BlackRa1n.

geohot iPhone os 4 jailbreak

The wonder kid tweeted this image of an iPhone running iPhone OS 4 with the BlackRa1n and Cydia icons on it. It is not the first proof of a jailbreak for iPhone OS 4. Recently, the Dev Team released a video clearly showing a jailbroken iPhone OS 4 and there are still talks around Spirit, the jailbreak for iPhone 3.X which supposedly works for OS 4 and the iPad as well.

If you look at this image more closely, the Cydia icon looks very prominent which makes it a little suspicious. What makes this image even more suspicious is that it’s just an image. Why didn’t GeoHot shoot a video like he did for this iPhone OS 3.X untethered jailbreak?

Real or fake, you decide.