Everything You Need to Know About Jailbreaking And Unlocking Your New iPhone

If you just got a new iPhone for Christmas, then congratulations, you are going to love it. Next step now is to jailbreak your iPhone in order to release the full potential of it. If you’re not sure what jailbreaking is, I suggest you read a bit more about it. As you will see, there are many reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.

Now if someone offered you an iPhone and you don’t want to use it on an official carrier (like AT&T in the US), then you will have to unlock your iPhone. Unlocking is fairly easy, even for non techy people and there are very few risks of doing any damage.

Brand new to this whole jailbreaking and unlocking thing? I understand it might be a little confusing. I wrote an article about the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking that might help you understand both better, so feel free to check it out if want to learn more about it.

Let’s get into it now. This article aims at giving a quick overview of possibilities for jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone. For both jailbreaking and unlocking, the method used depends on what iPhone model you have and what software (firmware) is currently installed on it. At this time, I will assume that your iPhone comes with firmware 3.1.2 preinstalled on it.

First things first. Before unlocking an iPhone, you first have to jailbreak it.

Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2

Note that I strongly recommend using PwnageTool to jailbreak your iPhone, that is if you have a Mac as it doesn’t work on PCs. PwnageTool is a much “cleaner” and trouble-free jailbreak.

I am not a big fan of BlackRa1n as many have reported issues with it (many have had great success too). Besides, if you have an iPhone 3GS, it’s important to note that BlackRa1n is a tethered jailbreak, which means that everytime you reboot your iPhone, you will have to plug it to your computer and launch BlackRa1n. Not so convenient but it does the job.

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS

Jailbreak iPhone 3G

Jailbreak iPhone 2G

For jailbreaking information about earlier firmwares, please visit the jailbreak page of the blog.

Unlock iPhone 3.1.2

Unlock iPhone 3GS

Unlock iPhone 3G

Unlock iPhone 2G

For more information about unlocking earlier firmwares, please refer to the unlock page on the site.

I believe this gives you a fair bit of information about jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone. Browse the various tutorials and find the one that fits your needs. If you have any question, please leave a comment on the tutorials pages or in the forum and the community will be here to help.