BlackRa1n is the New iPhone and iPod Touch Jailbreak

We already knew that GeoHot was up to something but we now have confirmation that he is this close to release a new jailbreaking tool called BlackRa1n.

First, he wrote a short blog post titled “I’m just going to leave this here“. The post has no text besides the title and shows what could be mistaken for an iPhone running a bunch of codes that most of us wouldn’t understand. Well, it’s not an iPhone. It’s an iPod Touch 3G. You can tell by simply looking at the location of the image, which reveals its name: ipt3_jailbroken.JPG. You can also tell by zooming in the image.

What does this mean? Well, this is a teaser to tell us that he has successfully jailbroken the iPod Touch 3G, which could be considered as the hardest device to jailbreak these days. And from what I understand, he’s using the same exploit on both the iTouch 3G and the iPhone 3GS. According to this tweet, he’s pretty much done with these 2 devices and will now get to work on the 4 others, which shouldn’t take too long.

GeoHot also gave us 2 interesting clues about the name of his new jailbreak. First, he said his new website was up, asking who could find it. Then he gave it all away by saying that “black is the new purple”. Have you connected the dots yet? His last jailbreak was called PurpleRa1n. If black is the new purple, then his new jailbreak is BlackRa1n (see

We still don’t know exactly when to expect BlackRa1n to be available but according to GeoHot’s own ETA, it should be sometimes today. One thing is sure though, I will be refreshing GeoHot’s Twitter page like a maniac for the next 12 hours.

This BlackRa1n jailbreak will be a huge release for many of us jailbreakers, especially those stuck at 3.1. Are you one of them?

UPDATE: BlackRain has been released. Refer to the following tutorials: