MultiFl0w Multitasking Application for iPhone

MultiFl0w is a new application that brings multitasking to the iPhone. MultiFl0w is not really an app per say, it’s more of a mod that gives a nice UI to Backgrounder, the application that lets your run apps in the background.

I’m still in Australia with limited internet connection and I’d love to try MultiFl0w for myself but, the lack of wifi and the poor 3G signal won’t allow me to, so I am just here reading reviews of it.

My friend Patrick wrote a rave review of MultiFl0w that I suggest you to read for more info about this app. This is in short what Patrick has to say about MultiFl0w:

Multifl0w is easily the best multitasking experience I’ve seen for the iPhone.

In the meantime, here is a video demo of MultiFl0w in action.

MultiFl0w is available to jailbroken iPhones only. If you haven’t yet, that should give you yet another reason to jailbreak your iPhone. You can download MultiFlow from Cydia and Rock for $4.99 after a 10-day trial.

If unlike me you are able to download MultiFlow, please try it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.